Our New York City Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD in this video shares answers to the common questions of:

  1. When do I know my problems are severe enough to see Psychiatrist?
  2. When to see a psychiatrist?



Thanks for joining us today! I’m Dr. Robert D. McMullen, and I have been helping others as a psychiatrist mainly in psychopharmacology for over 35 years. I also work with NYC patients using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, TMS as a treatment method. I attended Georgetown University for medical school and specialized in psychiatry at Columbia Presbyterian. I currently see clients at my office in New York City. In this video, we will be taking a closer look at knowing when your problems warrant a visit to the Psychiatric doctor and when you should see them.


When to see a psychiatrist?When Should I See a Psychiatrist?


The short answer is to seek care when your problems are interfering with your life. When issues are making your day to day life more difficult to live, your relationships begin suffering, and the problems are keeping you from finding work or getting a promotion. This is the time when it’s an excellent idea to make an appointment. Life should be enjoyable, not a burden.


Giving it the Old College Try


I see many college students in my practice. I always tell them that it is absolutely essential that we get their moods in balance. If you are a student and you start feeling depressed, it will affect your studies. If you feel sad or constantly stressed out, you won’t be able to succeed in school. This situation if untreated can lead to your grades falling, your overall GPA lowering, and worst of all you aren’t actually learning anything. A small problem in psychology can over run and hurt your entire life.




Social phobias involve the fear when you are out in the world and are tasked with participating in everyday social situations. Some people have such severe social phobia they are hesitant or completely unable to leave the safe sanctuary of their home. Others may have crippling anxiety that keeps them from riding the subway or speaking to strangers. These problems can impact your ability to find and keep a job, make friends, or have meaningful relationships. Issues like anxiety can be nearly impossible to treat without medication.


Sometimes a person that has severe issues regarding anxiety will not even understand that they are anxious. They may think that is just how everyone feels and that it is completely normal. It can be difficult in many situations to understand the depths of your anxiety problem without speaking to someone. At that point, you can start to realize that other people do not worry to the same extent that you do, and you can get help for this issue. Many patients only understand after receiving treatment how bad off they were, to begin with.


When in Doubt…


If you feel like maybe you should see a Psychiatrist or aren’t totally certain, that’s usually a good indication that you should see one. You can also visit a psychologist, social worker, or therapist first for an evaluation to understand if you should seek further treatment. The bottom line is that we are here to help you feel better.


TMS Brain Care is our practice located in NYC, New York City. We hope this video has educated you regarding when to know if your problems illicit a visit to see the psychiatrist and how to know when your issues are getting out of hand. Please give us a call at 212 362-9635 to make an appointment at our NYC office. You can also visit us at https://tmsbraincare.com. Don’t forget to click the like button for our video and to subscribe to our channel. If you enjoyed this video, please forward it to your friends and family and leave us a comment with your thoughts and questions. Thanks!