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When Should You See A Psychiatrist?When Should You See A Psychiatrist ? Have you been feeling really low lately? Do things that once excited you and made you want more from life now seem dull and pointless? Do you or someone you know feel this way? You could be suffering from clinical depression- a sadly overlooked and underestimated disease of the mind that when left untreated can lead to several adversities. In the recent past, the number of people being diagnosed with clinical depression has tremendously increased. It is a condition that must not be treated lightly.

Watch out for these signs in yourself or those around you- The Red Lights indicating severe depression.

  1. A sudden or gradual loss of interest towards something that you were once highly passionate about. It could be your work for insta0nce 000or your favorite evening hobby. You just don’t seem to indulge anymore.
  2. An unnatural feeling of dread and hopelessness. Nothing seems to be going according to plan and you are worried that nothing will be right- your world seems to be collapsing around you. You are on the constant lookout for something terrible to happen in your life.
  3. You feel like ending your life. If you feel that your existence is pointless or that you simply cannot deal with life anymore; there is 100% chance that you are suffering from depression. The suicidal thoughts may seem to overpower you and you start reasoning them within yourself. This is an indication to seek help immediately. Remember, however horrible things might seem to you now, it is definitely going to get better.
  4. New and persistent addictions- if you were an occasional or social drinker then, you seem to be downing a lot more now. You tend to be craving something stronger than alcohol- drugs. If you feel like you’re indulging in these just to get away from real life, it is a clear sign that you need help.
  5. Insomnia- real insomnia. Night or day, you simply cannot fall asleep. You function almost zombie-like. You go about your day feeling constantly tired and with nothing to look forward to.
If you or anyone you know suffer from the above-mentioned symptoms, seek help from a professional psychiatrist right away. Depression is highly manageable and you will find yourself feeling a lot upon receiving the adequate treatments at the right time- get help before it is too late.  
When Should You See A Psychiatrist
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When Should You See A Psychiatrist
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When Should You See A Psychiatrist? If You Looking For The Best  Psychiatrist In NYC Just Call Us Now: (212) 362-9635