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What Is TMS Therapy?

What Is TMS Therapy? If You Looking For The Best TMS Therapy In NYC Just Call Us Now: (212) 362-9635

What Is TMS Therapy

What Is TMS Therapy

 What Is TMS Therapy? Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy involves a simple procedure of using electromagnetic waves to stimulate the cells in the brain. This is an FDA approved treatment method that is used to improve the symptoms of patients suffering from various neurological and psychiatric disorders. When all other methods of treatment fail, TMS is employed to achieve effective results in case of major depressive disorder. TMS therapy is also used for the treatment of diseases including neuropathic pain, Parkinson’s disease, chronic migraines, obsessive-compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, etc among numerous others. It is non-invasive with very few side effects- hence highly recommended by leading psychiatrists.

What Happens in TMS? How Does it Work?

 During an episode of transcranial magnetic stimulation, an electromagnetic coil which acts as the magnetic field generator is placed on the forehead of the patient near his or her scalp. Depending on the position of the coil, small electrical impulses are directed to the parts of the brain that are directly under the coil. This procedure uses the principles of electromagnetic induction. The other side of the coil is connected to an electric pulse generator that produces the electrical impulses which are diverted to specific locations in the brain. In case of depression, these impulses are directed towards the areas in the brain that control mood changes and emotional responses. The magnitude of the electrical pulse used in the treatment depends on various factors including the severity of the disease and the type of affliction. Different types of coils are used depending on the type and intensity of the stimulation required. In the treatment of depression, multiple simulations have to be provided to improve upon the symptoms and hence the procedure is often called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation or r-TMS. For the patient, this is an entirely painless procedure throughout which they can stay comfortable.

When is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Necessary?

 When all other treatment modalities for chronic depression such as repeated counseling sessions, treatment with oral medication, group therapies, etc show no results, TMS is the ultimate solution. Depression is a condition that is often underestimated wrongly so given it is among the leading causes of suicide among those of all age groups. Through r-TMS, the symptoms have been shown to effectively improve upon and the results long-lasting. Many thankful patients have successfully returned to living normal lives owing to successful TMS therapy.  
What Is TMS Therapy
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What Is TMS Therapy
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What Is TMS Therapy? If You Looking For The Best TMS Therapy In NYC Just Call Us Now: (212) 362-9635

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