Many Psychiatrists have discovered that TMS or Transcranical Magnetic Stimulation offers a high success rate for unipolar depression, with as many as 50% of the patients receiving for TMS treatments having found complete recovery from their depression symptoms. This is because the TMS pulse easily penetrates the skull at the targeted area of the brain and changes the electrical activity. Patients find relief from their depression symptoms for extended periods of time, with only a few treatments here and there to help them maintain their stable mood. This is a godsend for people who find standard depression treatments unable to ease their depression symptoms.


Why Bipolar Depression is More Difficult to Treat

INOSITOLBipolar depression is more difficult to treat with regular medications than Bipolar Depression. The reason why regular medications are less effective with people suffering from a bipolar disorder is that the medicine that is designed to treat the depression symptoms tends to increase the manic symptoms and then overtime, the medication fail to adequately even address the depression symptoms. Some medical and psychological professionals have discovered that it is possible to use TMS treatments to treat bipolar depression without over stimulating the manic symptoms.

Some professionals have discovered that treating the right side of the head (near the forehead) with between 15 and 50 treatments (30 treatments on average) is showing good results with some people actually seeing a complete remission in their bipolar depression symptoms.

Once patients reach normal or near normal moods their moods remain stable for a longer period of time and when patients do begin to see a return of their depression symptoms they only need a few addition treatments to maintain their normal mood.

Phychiatrists do include low doses of depression medications after a patients mood has stablized in order to improve the length of time that patients find relief from their depression symptoms.

While there is no guarantee that TMS treatments will work for everyone suffering from Bipolar disorder depression, but early results have proven to be promising and give new hope for those who suffer from bipolar disorder depression and feel they have nowhere else to turn.

If you know someone who is suffering from bipolar disorder and the depression that accompanies this condition and medication doesn’t seem to provide any relief, perhaps it time to looking into TMS treatment for bipolar disorder depression.