New Depression Treatment – Thyroid Hormone Treatment For Depression

Thanks for tuning in to my video.  I am a psychiatrist in New York City and I specialize in TMS treatment and psychopharmacology (the scientific study of the effects of drugs on the mind and behavior). My focus is on the physical interventions that are available to us as treatments for depression.

What is TMS and is it right for you?  Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is mainly used for combatting depression but can be used for other issues as well.  TMS is a noninvasive form of brain stimulation treatment using a coil on the head that stimulates or inhibits neurons in different sections of the head. Sometimes we have people suffering from several disorders with 5 or more diagnosis and with medications alone they do not lose all of them but it does happen with TMS treatments!

It has been proven that TMS corrects the saline network in the brain. There are three (3) main networks. Listen to this video to learn more about these networks.  In this video, I include research presented by the author Kelly Tammas on thyroid treatments for depression.  Additionally, I mention other resources such as Doctor Jonathan Downer with their findings regarding thyroid hormone treatments and its effectiveness.

If you or a loved one is suffering from depression than consider thyroid treatments. Were you aware that for a good amount of people in our society that suffer from depression the standard antidepressant therapy does not work?  Fortunately, there are other options,  sometimes the traditional treatments known to us such as the common antidepressants (Zoloft, Prozac, Xanax), vitamins or talk therapy sessions do not always help resolve issues with depression.  This can be very frustrating and cause disappointments for individuals and their loved ones.  If you’ve tried the conventional medications and they are still not working for you in combating your depression you must watch this video clip and learn about alternative treatments.

Typically, psychiatric disorders that have underlying distorted visions of reality and can range from either anxiety attacks, eating disorders, paranoia,  exaggerated feeling of anger, individuals facing low self-esteem or those suffering from extreme guilt emotions.  Learn how to fight depression and how you can get relief from your depression through thyroid hormone treatments.  Nowadays, these disorders can be treated safely and corrected through thyroid hormone treatment.  This is an alternative treatment yet highly effective relief for those seeking to free themselves or loved ones from their depression.

Is thyroid hormone treatment right for you and should you try it? In this video, I will explain how thyroid hormone treatment helps patients find relief from depression. Dosage can either be a low dose or a high dose for treating one’s depression.

Are there side effects? I will discuss potential side effects with this treatment and how your endocrinologist and internist feel about this treatment since it may cause a ‘hyperthyroid’ and what the recommended doses are.  I will also discuss the best approach and what side effects may occur to your thyroid according to endocrinologists. I discuss how the two major thyroid augmentations established nearly 40 years help those suffering from depression.  There’s a detailed discussion about the T3 and T4 hormones that have proved to have efficient antidepressants effects on individuals.

Learn more about American thyroid society and other studies recommend for the TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels and what the maximum levels should be.  In my opinion, I believe a large number of people may benefit from this type of treatment and this could be revolutionary.  Listen to learn how thyroid hormone can help you or loved ones that are in suffering from depression.

Please share this video with those who may benefit from it.  If you are considering thyroid hormone therapy call us now at (212) 362-9635 to book your appointment for a treatment plan and find relief from your depression.  Thanks for listening.

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