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Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs & Helpful Psychiatric Medications

Video About Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs & Helpful Psychiatric Medications The Dangers and Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications Psychotic medicines have always been under the scanner because of the side effects linked to them. The old anti-psychotics have proven to be toxic to the brain in many instances. When a patient needs their brain to calm down, the anti-psychotics work almost against them as

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Major Depression Treatment NYC – Combining Meds & TMS Therapy

Have you gone through more than two weeks of feeling depression?  looking for Major Depression Treatment NYC? If you are suffering from major or chronic depression, this may impact all walks of life. From work to relationships, depression patients suffer from a deteriorating quality of everyday life. This can damage your sleep, eating habits, reaction

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Medications for Depression and Bipolar

  There is a lot of hope for people sufferening from unipolar and bipolar depression and thankfully there are a lot of different medications that can be used in the treatment of depression. Medical experts find that bipolar depression is harder to treat than unipolar depression due to the fact that many medications can cause an increase in

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Medications for Bipolar & Depression | HD video

Video Transcribe:  Medications  for Depression & Bipolar by Robert D. McMullen, MD   I’m Robert Mc Mullan, I’m a psychiatrist.  I went to Georgetown Medical School, which was a wonderful place. And I did my residency at Columbia Presbyterian hospital in psychiatry, which is a great research institution.  I’ve been in practice for 36 years, and

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DIET MEDICATIONS | Also see June 2008

OLDER ANOREXIANTS THAT ARE (or were)FDA APPROVED FOR WEIGHT LOSS     PHENTERMINE  [original brand name was Fastin decades ago; available generic; a cousin of amphetamines].  Available in 15, 30 & 37.5mg,   A 30mg capsule every AM is usual dose; maximum dose  is 37.5mg capsule  (commonly available in this dose as the brand Adipex-P).   15mg is

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