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Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Are you also suffering from a depression that does not seem to react to anything? In recent years, Ketamine for Depression Treatment has become more and more common as a possible treatment for depression. Especially among those experiencing severe depression which is resistant to other means of therapy or medication. You may have heard of [...]

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TREATING BIPOLAR DEPRESSION:   updated 5/26/2016 Depression that occurs in someone who is bipolar is more complicated to treat than unipolar depression.    Optimal treatment often requires several medications—even 5 or 6 or more.  Rarely will one medication suffice.   Antidepressants should be avoided if at all possible:  they may initially help, but then the person is having [...]

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water retaining medication: Try this one first:  OTC (over the counter):  docusate/ Colace - sold generically as docusate sodium-- adult dose is 100 to 500mg per day; usually sold in 100mg gel capsules--usual dose is 2 a day--but it is very safe and a lot more can be taken.    It may take a few days [...]

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