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How Bad Can Treatment Resistant Depression Get

In the video Treatment Resistant Depression Causes & Treatment, Robert D. McMullen, MD discusses:• The definition of Treatment-Resistant Depression• Possible causes• Natural supplement treatments• Statin medication treatments• Anti-depression medications• TMS treatment• The goal of treating this debilitating condition McMullen is a psychiatrist who specializes in treating people with depression and other psychiatric illnesses. His approach to treating [...]

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How To Get Over Depression Using TMS 6 Min HD Video

Transcript How To Get Over Depression Using TMS Video ========================================================================   I’m Robert McMullen, I’m a Psychiatrist and I’m going to talk about how to get over depression using TMS (trans-cranial magnetic stimulation).  A little background; I went to Georgetown medical school and then I did my residency at Columbia Presbyterian hospital and then most of [...]

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