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Pets & Depression Treatment

In This seven-minute video New-York Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD will answer this 2 questions:Do pets help for Depression Treatment?Which pet is the best for Depression Treatment? Pets & Depression TreatmentHumans are highly sociable beings and desire companionship. Living in an apartment or in a home alone can foster feelings of loneliness and sadness. Getting a pet [...]

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Do Psychiatrists Work with Psychologists or other Therapists?

Dr. Robert D. McMullen is a psychiatrist at TMS Brain Care in New York City, USA. He uses an array of treatments for his patients and often talks to other psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. As a psychiatrist, the doctor specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, [...]

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Do Stimulants Help with Depression?

Robert D. McMullen, MD, a psychiatrist who has been in practice for over 30 years. Dr. McMullen went to Georgetown Medical School and did his residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Call (212) 362-9635   Do Stimulants Help with Depression? Stimulants, such as those used [...]

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