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tms treatments for depression case study
Case Study


[7/31/2014:  all 5 of these patients had never been euthymic prior to TMS, and as of now, all of them have been euthymic and with no relapses for over 2 years.  After years of only partial success with medication in someone who has never been euthymic, what are the odds the next medication will make

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How To Find Good Psychiatrist In The USA

9 TMS bipolar case series WITHOUT names or letters

Case # 1: (9/16/11):  46 y.o.  single male with Bipolar I Disorder who was successfully treated with left  dlPFC excitatory  treatment.    He had been treated for 10 years by one author (-RDM).   He was in a severe TRD (treatment resistant depression) for 6 months, and could not work   He on :    Divalproate 1500 lithium 600

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