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Do Psychiatrists Work with Psychologists or other Therapists?

Dr. Robert D. McMullen is a psychiatrist at TMS Brain Care in New York City, USA. He uses an array of treatments for his patients and often talks to other psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists.


As a psychiatrist, the doctor specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of emotional, behavioral and mental disorders. He is qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of any psychological difficulties his patients may be undergoing.

Health issues that may require psychiatric help include panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, hallucination or long term sadness, hopelessness. These symptoms will render a patient unable to perform day to day activities.

Dr. Robert D. McMullen, a psychiatrist at TMC Brain Care, NY, in order to help his patients, performs a range of tests that will, in turn, lead him to use the most effective means of treatment for his patient. The mental and behavioral stability of the patients is paramount for the doctor who uses TMC as a method of treatment. Other types of treatments he applies include psychotherapy or the use of prescribed medication. For more information Call 212 362-9635.

A psychologist is an expert on mental health who assesses and studies behavior and mental progression. Psychologists can choose to practice their skill or become scientists and do more research to improve psychology.

Therapists, much like psychiatrists, are equipped to diagnose and treat mental and psychiatric illnesses. They engage their patients by talking to them in an effort to change their behaviors and/or patterns. They are also licensed to prescribe medicine to their patients depending on the condition they are suffering.

It is very important that psychiatrists work with psychologists and other social work therapists. Most psychiatrists do not practice psychotherapy anymore due to reasons such as financial constraints. Most psychiatrists, in the doctor’s opinion, should not actually practice psychotherapy. This will give them a chance to see more patients, which in turn will improve their skillset as mental specialists. This is because seeing a range of patients and treating them with a range of medications, that in turn seeing how that medication reacts, will expand their know-how.

The NYC doctor also says that these other professionals are better equipped to handle therapy because they have specialized in their areas and have become experts in their fields. They have spent a lot of time in the profession and, therefore, they understand fully the dynamics of the field. They know what works best where, and what is not supposed to be used.

Depression and anxiety cases are now referred to psychiatrists. At TMS Brain Care NYC, USA we have a range of doctors that are equipped to help you and move with you in your healing journey. Call 212-362 9635.

Depression is not a character, but an illness that requires medication. Most psychologists and social worker therapists will refer their depressed patients to psychiatrists such as Dr. Robert D. McMullen. This is because psychiatrists will treat the depression with some medication because some depression cases are extremely severe and, therefore, will not respond to methods used by other professionals. Some cases of depression are however treatable by Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

It should, however, be noted that even cases of mild depression can interrupt their day to day routines. It will disrupt the patients’ school work, social life, friendships and/or marriage. It is advised against interrupting the medication because the patient feels better. For more information and inquiries, Call 212 362-9635.

An example is when a student who has been on medication for depression in high school proceeds to college, and after a few months of feeling okay slowly begins to ignore their prescribed dose. This is very dangerous because the patient may feel okay for a while, but the probability of them relapsing is very high.

Even small relapses can have tremendous effects on the lives of patients, which can lead to more depression. It is, therefore, advisable that patients stay on their prescribed medications. Call 212 362-9635 if you feel like you are experiencing a relapse or visit the TMC Brain Care offices in NYC, USA.

Dr. Robert D. McMullen works with other professionals to discuss treatment methods for their patients. However, the doctor says that he faces some challenges in working together because they are all very busy in their schedules. The busy schedules make it impossible to meet very often and have in depth conversations about the best way forward.

At TMS, we understand the difficulty that tags along with depression and that is why we are committed to ensuring that we walk with you on this journey as comfortable as possible. At TMS Brain Care, we offer the patients a schedule that does not strain their daily lives more. We put keen emphasis on each patient and treat them according to the best method for them.

Our offices are located in Manhattan and Mt. Kisco, NYC, USA.

Watch the video from Dr. Robert D. McMullen about psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists working together here.

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