In the video below, Dr. Robert D. McMullen, a psychiatrist at TMS Brain Care in New York City, USA will take us through the basics of this treatment. This treatment does not really help depression. A person’s ability to be hypnotized could be blended with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help the patient reinforce positive thinking about them.


There is a certain percentage of the population, 1 or 5 percent, that is fairly hypnotizable.

People who have a higher eye roll, according to the doctor, could be hypnotizable. The higher the eye rolls, the easier the person can be hypnotized.

Hypnosis is a useful method used at TMS Brain Care to decide whether a patient is delusional or psychotic. If a patient is hypnotizable, then it is concluded that they cannot have schizophrenia and have a fair chance at not being psychotic. A patient requires having a good concentration span for them to be hypnotizable. TMS is located at New York, USA and you can reach us by telephone. Call 212 362-9635.

Hypnosis Therapy The percentages of the population that can be hypnotized have the ability to easily take on other personalities and are often extremely good actors or actresses. On the other hand, people who cannot be hypnotized do not possess similar acting capabilities. People, who can be hypnotized, can focus very strongly on things such as movies and often feel as if they are in the midst of the action.

After the movie ends, they may be startled for a little while about where they are and who they are with. These people have a very vivid imagination, are more creative, have an increased emotional range and have better pain tolerance. Their ability to tolerate pain better is because they can easily dissociate the part of their body in pain.

Hypnosis is very useful for women in labor. If the woman is hypnotizable, then they can be led to feel a different sensation to reduce the pain.

An Example of a Hypnosis Treatment for a patient with wrist pains:

Have them imagine that their hand is in cold water and it is beginning to feel tingly and numb often, this will reduce the pain by changing the sensation from pain to numbness.

At TMS Brain Care, NY, Dr. Robert uses hypnosis when patients seem very ill and/or emotional. Hypnosis will help explain episodes that may seem odd and in turn, help find a solution. A majority of patients may have dissociative episodes where they do not remember the time that has gone past and cannot recall most of what has happened in that time. Call 222 362-9635 or visit our offices in Manhattan New York, or alternatively, the Mt. Kisco, NY offices.

People who are hypnotizable, according to Dr. Robert D. McMullen, may have experiences of past lives and are also able to fully take on different characters and become them. This trait is what helps some of the greatest actors and actresses of the world.

However, this treatment is not fully effective to treat depression but is very effective in reducing pain. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is best for depression because it changes your faulty thoughts into more positive ones. This, in turn, raises the patient’s self-esteem. At TMS Brain Care, we are dedicated to ensuring that you feel the absolute best about yourself. Call 212 362-9635 to book your appointment with our professionals and begin your healing journey.

As a certified and highly experienced psychiatrist, Dr. Robert D. McMullen can assist you using this as one treatment method. He is located in New York City, USA and you can book an appointment to see him and other highly trained professionals. Call 212 362-9635.

At TMS, we understand the difficulty that tags along with depression and that is why we are committed to ensuring that we walk with you on this journey as comfortable as possible. Our offices are located in Manhattan and Mt. Kisco, NYC, USA. We ensure that all our patients receive all the attention they require and we use the most effective treatments to ensure that our patients are fully treated.

Watch the Video from Dr. Robert D. McMullen on hypnosis here.