Getting Persistent Depressive Disorder Treatment That Works

There are many people who have long suffered from Persistent Depressive Disorder and while some traditional treatments have been effective, there is a segment of those who haven’t been able to recover or to have their disorder alleviated effectively. There is a newer treatment that has been approved by the FDA called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS and it is now another potential treatment that could alleviate this disorder.

What Are The Traditional Treatments For Persistent Depressive Disorder?

For many decades now the two most commonly prescribed treatments for this disorder include pharmacological therapy which is medication and therapy which is speaking regularly with a psychotherapist. Very often for those who have long suffered from this disorder, they will take medication and they will be regularly monitored to see how the medication is helping them and they will also attend regular therapy to help work through the issues that may be related to their depression.

When a person is diagnosed with this type of disorder or one very similar to it, then it will mean that they will be told by their doctor that medication is something that is long-term and likely permanent. Additionally, for many patients, long-term therapy is also required. The cause of the depression is often complex and can involve physical and mental causalities that result in the routine experience of depression.

Are There Things I Can Do To Help Make Myself Feel Better?

In the modern world, it is unfortunate that the majority of people find themselves under a great deal of daily stress. This stress not only contributes to the depression itself but it also leads to sleeplessness, a failure to get food that is nutritionally dense, and there is often little time for activities such as exercise that could not only improve overall physical health but also mental health. It’s also important that you make an effort to surround yourself with people that tend to be more positive and spend less time with those who tend to wallow in their own negative feelings.

A great majority of the food that an average person eats today has very little quality nutrition and has a lot of additives and chemicals as well as being highly processed and this can contribute significantly to the problems that lead to depression. When someone eats a lot of highly processed foods that are quickly converted into blood glucose it triggers a series of events that causes a variety of hormones to be produced that ultimately can set a person up for experiencing depression. As well as eating a nutritionally dense diet that can help the body function better and produce hormones that can provide energy, focus, and stave off depression, it is also important that a person get enough sleep.

In order to get enough sleep it is important that a person does not eat or snack close to bedtime. Although getting exercise is very important and a great way to lift a person’s mood and protect them from depression, it is not something that should be done close to bedtime. Having the time to sleep and getting enough deep sleep is absolutely important to maintaining a good mood.

If you are on any type of medication it is very important that you take the medication exactly as prescribed. You should neither skip medication nor should you take extra medication without consulting a licensed professional. Often a failure to take medication properly can have a negative impact on your emotional state and this can lead to unforeseen outcomes.

It is important that you take time to participate in activities that you find enjoyable. For many active adults these days, they either spend all their free time working or if you are a parent who takes care of the home, you may put off your own needs for the sake of the family and not take any time out for yourself. This is a perfect way to cause depression and for that reason, you will want to make the effort to participate in activities that you enjoy.

Have Friends And Family That You Can Speak Openly With About Your Feelings

It has been shown and demonstrated time and again that those with a good support system do the best in managing and reducing their bouts of depression. If you can develop friends or family members with whom you can speak openly with when you have feelings of depression, then this is one of the best tools for helping to keep it under control. Everyone needs someone to speak to sometimes and there is no reason to be afraid or ashamed of speaking openly if you have someone that you can trust to do so with.

What Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

While this is a new treatment when compared to other traditional methods, it is actually something that has been approved by the FDA since 2008. Adults who have Major Depressive Disorder and have had traditional treatments which have failed to relieve their depression may benefit from this treatment. This procedure uses a magnetic pulse that sends a signal directly to the brain as part of the treatment.

There are a number of patients who find that the medications they have been prescribed have unpleasant side effects. The great thing about this treatment is that there are almost no side effects associated with it. If you or someone you care about has been suffering from depression and the treatment you’re getting hasn’t helped, then you might consider this as an alternative.

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