There is a lot of hope for people sufferening from unipolar and bipolar depression and thankfully there are a lot of different medications that can be used in the treatment of depression. Medical experts find that bipolar depression is harder to treat than unipolar depression due to the fact that many medications can cause an increase in mood swings which can be difficult to deal with.

When treating depression and Bipolar depression medical professionals often find that one of the medications they try provides some improvement in the symptoms of bipolar depression. When this occurs these professionals prefer not to change medications, but rather tend to add a second medication to further treat the depression symptoms.

Why Use Two Medications?

Medications for Depression and BipolarThere is a good reason for adding a second medication when one has shown to offer some reduction in symptoms. For one thing adding a medication that is different can treat the depression from two fronts and may show even more benefits. In addition, with two types of medications you can use smaller dosages of both medications which may significantly lower the side effects of both medications.

When Standard Medications Don’t Work

When more traditional depression medications such as Zoloft or Welbutin don’t work, your mental health professional may turn to a type of medication known as MAO inhibitors, which may work for some people, but do have stronger side effects and requires you to have to change your diet and avoid certain foods for fear of raising your blood pressure to alarming and dangerous levels.

In addition, Mental health professionals may also argument these more standard medications with various other medications that may help bring even more relief to those depression symptoms.

You need to understand that whether you or someone you know has unipolar or bipolar depression no one medication or series of medications may work for everyone. Your mental health professional may have to try a series of medications or several combinations to discover which medications works best for you.

for some suffers of depression no medication may work for treating depression, and when that happens there are other treatment options you can try. Keep in mind that there is hope for unipolar and bipolar depression and working closely with your mental health professional and being open and honest with them is the best way to find the the right medication or medications that will work for you.