Have you gone through more than two weeks of feeling depression? 

looking for Major Depression Treatment NYC? If you are suffering from major or chronic depression, this may impact all walks of life. From work to relationships, depression patients suffer from a deteriorating quality of everyday life. This can damage your sleep, eating habits, reaction to social situations and more.

Major Depression Treatment NYC

Depression that lasts over 14 days may be chronic

Many patients have never gone through therapy in the past. Treating such a patient may prove to be quite the challenge. This is true for the patient as well as the therapist. For the most part, treatment will commence with the aid of medication, going the traditional route. This usually means not immediately opting for more advanced and new technologies. One such option is TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation). TMS may prove beneficial for major depression among other cases. Especially among patients whose reaction to medications has been partial, at best, so far.

Initially, blood tests can expose some of the chemical inbalance behind major depression. Such as low thyroid levels or vitamin B12 or vitamin D, for instance, and help in identifying the causes of depression. This in turn allow for a better and more focused treatment.

All About The Dosage

In most cases patients will be given standard antidepressants,  starting with smaller dosages. These will usually grow with time, and as the patient’s body adapts to the meds. Going too fast may very well result in more unwanted side effects. So pacing yourself is the best way to go when the dosage is considered.

About 50% of patients who suffer from chronic depression to  be somewhat bipolar. In the sense that they may experience days or weeks at a time of feeling and doing better. And then periods of time in which depression takes over. This predicts how long some meds might be effective for many of us.

]Major Depression Treatment NYC 

TMS uses magnetic energy focused on the brain[/caption]

Major Depression Treatment NYC

Many patients find that very small doses are sufficient to relieve their symptoms of depression. In extreme bipolar cases of manic depression, larger doses may be given to patients. But 25-50% or people may have an inadequate response to these large amounts of medication. Others find them hard to tolerate at a high dosage. This type of patient may find great relief in TMS technology, with the benefits of transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Experience has shown great advantages for TMS in treatment. Major or chronic depression patients who use TMS therapy in combination with medical treatment can achieve better results. Even with smaller doses, similar to the benefits the treatment has in store for Parkinson disease, OCD, PTSD etc.

The Benfits of TMS

The long-term benefits of TMS have been surprisingly consistent. Appearantly with many patients continuing their meds when finishing the treatment, to maintain their achievements. Of course, if side effects become an issue, lowering the dosage and re-examining the medication type is advisable.

TMS also allows these patients to enjoy the results for long periods of time. Eventually, as is natural in chronic situations, they might need to rebalance themselves. Patients who combine TMS seem to only need several treatments to regain the mental health they have achieved before. If you’re looking for Major Depression Treatment NYC – contact TMS BrainCare now and start the journey to a better self.

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Treating a patient with major depression may prove to be quite the challenge but using TMS combined with meds can offer patients a new quality of life and treatment