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Looking For The Best TMS Doctor In NYC?Looking For The Best TMS Doctor In NYC ? Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a process that requires expertise and extra care during administration. The procedure involves transmitting electrical impulses directly into the brain, seeking to alter the activity of the brain cells. The patients who undergo transcranial magnetic stimulation are generally those who have been suffering from chronic conditions such as depression, the aftermath of strokes, etc. The amount of trauma they have already been through warrants the need for additional care and support that must be given to them.

You can never be too careful.

 While the procedure is generally safe, the fact that direct involvement of the brain is required cannot be overlooked. And so the procedure is best conducted by someone who has years of experience handling patients and carrying out the procedure with high success rates. Our senior resident psychiatrist, Dr. Robert D McMullen, MD is renowned in the field and is credited with the improved lives of hundreds of patients under his care. For the best TMS doctor in Manhattan and rest of New York City, approach us in our conveniently located centres in 171 W 79th St #2, New York, NY 10024 or 344 Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549.

We place the safety of the patient as our prime priority and thereby administer extra care and attention while carrying out the procedure. The patients are guaranteed to feel comfortable and safe under our care. Looking forward to a transcranial magnetic stimulation procedure can be quite frightening for those who do not have previous experience with the same. Our experienced psychiatrist counsels the patient and supports them throughout the procedure which in itself is guaranteed to be painless. By ensuring that the patient feels entirely comfortable with the procedure, we at the effectiveness of the stimulation. Anticipation is common and expected among the patient and their family members-our reassuring doctor explains the procedure clearly and answers all your doubts before starting the brain stimulation.

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 Apart from having the best doctor for TMS in New York City, our hospital is a highly facilitated center with highly experienced and caring staff that excels in patient care. We understand that depression is a terrible ordeal to deal with and our empathy towards the patients is what makes us stand out from the rest- we treat you so we feel better as well.

Looking For The Best TMS Doctor In NYC ? Just Call Us Now: (212) 362-9635


Looking For The Best TMS Doctor In NYC
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Looking For The Best TMS Doctor In NYC
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Looking For The Best TMS Doctor In NYC ? Just Call Us Now: (212) 362-9635