Are you also suffering from a depression that does not seem to react to anything? In recent years, Ketamine for Depression Treatment has become more and more common as a possible treatment for depression. Especially among those experiencing severe depression which is resistant to other means of therapy or medication.

Ketamine for Depression TreatmentYou may have heard of Ketamine, also known as “horse tranquilizer” or “special K”. It is also a highly popular substance which many people seem to be interested in for recreational uses. People may obtain Ketamine through veterinary sources, as it’s commonly used as an anesthetic for animals. But actually doctors prescribe Ketamine for depression treatment to patients in need. It has some unique and meaningful benefits. This is true for those of us who are suffering  and seeking medical help and treatment for depression. Including those who may prove not to react to other treatments.

How Does It Work?

The mechanism of the Ketamine substance is singular. It allows treatment to some people with have previously shown resistance to anti-depressive medication. Those very patients when given Ketamine prove to show a dramatic response in many cases. Some patients report significant positive change within a time frame as short as an hour or a two from taking the medication. This effect many times lasts for days after each treatment, some patients have reported.  When given through an IV, the effect of Ketamine naturally increase. But it can also be taken in other methods, such as a nasal spray. Some patients may find helpful and sufficient for their needs and level of depression.

Ketamine and TMS

Some patients find that having supplementary treatments and sessions every few days or on a weekly basis may prove to be expansive or time consuming.  Using TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) actually allows for much greater chances of success for the treatment. Maximizing the benefits and effect of the Ketamine. Patients may maintain their balance using a long term treatment, as researches are at work developing new medications with a similar effect. Do you find that your personal life is being affected more and more by depression? have you lost all hope after trying other means of treatments and medication? Then you may very well be one of those patients, who could gain many benefits from the combined power of TMS and Ketamine therapy.
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Ketamine for depression treatment has some unique and meaningful benefits for those suffering and seeking medical help and treatment for depression, including those who may prove to be unreactive to other methods