INOSITOL is a sugar that is used as a messenger within the brain cells. [It is constituent of the intracellular phosphatidyl (PI)) secondary messenger system.] This sugar is found in some fruit that we eat. The body also makes inositol itself. When you take in large amounts of it, some of it goes into brain cells. When you raise levels of Inositol it seems to help depression, anxiety, and and OCD in some people.

Instructions: you can go up faster than this if it does not cause loose stools.
Week #1: start inositol 6 grams: 3 grams twice a day (~1 tsp 2x/day times a day if in powder form); 2 grams = about 0.4 tsp
Week #2:  inositol to 12 grams: 6 grams twice a day (1½ tsp 2 times a day)
Week #3:  inositol to 14 grams: 7 grams two times a day (~3 tsp twice a day) –if possible
Stay lower if you get a side effect like diarrhea

Note: The goal is a dose of 14 grams/day= 7 grams (7000mg) twice a day [apparently about 2 teaspoons twice times a day, as a 1½ tsp = ~4000mg]; 1 oz = 28.35grams; so if you took ½ ounce per day that would about equal 7 grams; like many other things, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to work. Usually you have to obtain this from the health food store. It used for bipolar depression [Benjamin, J: Psychopharm. Bulletin 1995; 31: 167-75] as well as for anxiety disorders such as OCD and panic attacks [efficacy equal to fluvoxamine, Palatnik, J. of Clinical Psychopharm, 6/2001, Vol21, #3, 335-338]. It is probably cheaper buying it in powder form than in capsules. [Inositol as an add-on treatment for bipolar disorder, Roy Chengappa, Bipolar Disorders, 2000: 2: 47-55];

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