In this enlightening video, Robert D. McMullen, MD tackles a difficult question: How do I find an excellent psychiatrist?

Filmed from his desk at TMS Brain Care in New York City, the psychiatrist addresses this topic with finesse. As with his other videos, he begins by stating his credentials. He then honestly tells the viewers it is not easy to answer the question asked of him. From there, he begins an unrehearsed discussion. He starts out by giving a personal testimony of how he helped his mother – domiciled in another state – locate an adequate orthopedic doctor.

Throughout the video, the psychiatrist does his best to provide valuable insight into the critical issue of finding the appropriate therapist – especially individuals that feel they are receiving inadequate treatment with their current medical provider. Have you ever wanted to know how long you should see a psychiatrist prescribing a particular treatment plan that is having next to no progressive outcomes? Have you ever wondered when it is time to get a second opinion? In his discourse, Robert D. McMullen discusses what should be the determining factors.

The quality of the information which this NYC psychiatric professional shares with his viewers is significant and worth taking under advisement because of his sincerity in approach to the subject of doctor shopping. He speaks as not just a professional but from his personal experiences as provider whose has made it a primary objective in treating his patients to see them do well.

Ultimately, the best advice he offers is for a person to judge the rightness of a psychiatrist by the separation or proximity he or she is to wellness. McMullen even addresses the need for establishing a suitable timetable for adjusting medication. Choosing the right psychiatrist means finding one that listens to the patient, stays abreast of new research and industry advances and makes only proactive changes to treatment.

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Which lasts longer? First impressions or your symptoms

When you meet the love of your life, many people describe having butterflies in their stomach or a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. These sensations in some instances let a person know that they have found the right one. When it comes to finding the right psychiatrist, this is hardly the case. What determines a good doctor? More specifically, what helps a person decide that a psychiatrist is a good one for treating his or her condition?

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The truth is, there is no explanation for doctor recruitment that is cut and dry. However, there is a way of knowing if you have found “the one” that is fundamental. Prescriptions, the frequency of visits, reputation, and health insurance aside, the goal of treatment and therapy is to eventually see improvement of your mental condition or the complete eradication of it and its affect on your mental health. As long as you find a provider that can commit to that goal, then you have found a psychiatrist that is right for you and everything else should fall into place.

What are some tips for finding a good psychiatrist?

– The provider you decide to receive treatment and therapy from should listen carefully to the symptoms you report. He or she must be thorough and address anything that you find is problematic with your condition.

– You should have a level of comfortability with the psychiatrist. You should not hesitate to present your doctor with information about medication or treatment you may have read or heard about from a reputable source. In the same way, a good psychiatrist will make personal strides to stay up-to-date with research or new developments in the field and as it relates to your condition.

– A good provider will not keep you obligated to any treatment or therapy that is not working for more than 4-6 weeks without considering making an adjustment. Keeping with this timetable is especially significant when it comes to starting a new medication. Generally speaking, if you have been compliant with a treatment plan outlined for you by a psychiatrist for six months or more and there has been no improvement, you may want to request changes.

Whether you are recruiting a new psychiatrist or working with one for several months, make sure your provider does not lose sight of your primary objective. Any suggestions or changes from your mental health professional not in line with the efficient management of your condition and wellness need addressing immediately, or else you may want to seek a second opinion.

How do I find an excellent psychiatrist near me?

Informal referrals

Family members and friends of yours may have had or presently have a good experience with a particular professional. If you are open to friends and relatives about your condition, they may want to refer you to their treating MD. While you may have noticed that your friend or loved one has shown remarkable improvement, it does not mean that your experience with the same provider will be the same.

Professional referrals

Sometimes a psychiatrist may be part of a teaching institution. You can contact the chief resident at the hospital of instruction and ask for an “off the record” recommendation of an MD said to be good. Alternatively, you can also ask the chief resident if he or she has a personal recommendation for another doctor at the same hospital.

Redirected referrals

Let’s say you do not wish to use the same psychiatrist that someone else in your family is using for whatever reason; you can still contact that practice and see if the doctor can refer you to one of their colleagues. There is a saying that describes how “birds of a feather flock together.” It may seem odd asking one psychiatrist for the name and number to another, but it is a good way of bettering the likelihood that you will find a provider just as good as the one your loved one suggested. Seeing as how you will be calling a psychiatrist that is, of course, capable of treating you, for a smooth redirected referral request, if you are calling a male professional, ask for a referral to one of his colleagues that are a female doctor or vice versa.

Online reviews and ratings

While this may seem not too different from contacting your insurance company to see what providers are in your network, another way to find a suitable doctor in your area is by searching online to find local psychiatrists. You probably do not want to locate a doctor with the “find near me” search option on your mobile device but rather use a service like ZocDocRateMDs or Healthgrades. These sites give you mental health professionals that are not only ranked by the “near me” search options, but in many cases, they get rated for credibility, relevance, experience, and specializations. For example: finding a psychiatrist that has a proven success rate with transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments for depression like the doctors at TMS Brain Care, under the direction of Robert D. McMullen, MD. Call (212) 362-9635 to make an appointment and find out more about what we offer, and how we are helping people all over NY obtain excellent mental health by ridding them of depression with FDA-approved TMS solutions.

Treatment should be results-driven

Finding a wonderful psychiatric professional that is local can be as easy as picking up the phone or clicking on different links in a web browser. Managing or improving mental illness and psychological conditions is the purpose of having an excellent health care provider. Keep that in mind at all times and let it be the driving force behind your decisions to find a new provider or stay with your current.

Tricks & Tips: How Do i Find The Right Psychiatrist
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Tricks & Tips: How Do i Find The Right Psychiatrist
Throughout the video, the psychiatrist does his best to provide valuable insight into the critical issue of finding the appropriate therapist – especially individuals that feel they are receiving inadequate treatment with their current medical provider.
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