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Who cannot get TMS therapy?

For the most part, just about any type of patient is capable of getting TMS therapy. There are a few exceptions, however. The following types of individuals may not qualify for TMS therapy: Patients who have undergone brain surgery and still have magnetic metals in the brain Patients who have never responded to other depression

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Who will benefit the most from TMS therapy?

TMS therapy was developed in an effort to combat ineffective depression medication and continues to serve as a pioneer in the industry. Patients who suffer from hard-to-treat depression are therefore some of the best candidates for TMS therapy, as they are most likely to notice short- and long-term benefits. When antidepressants fail to work for

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Who administers TMS therapy?

At our office, Dr. McMullen takes charge in determining the necessary course of action regarding TMS therapy sessions and who may qualify as a candidate. In general, the TMS practitioner prepares all the variables in the treatment, including: Whether or not the patient is a suitable candidate for TMS Therapy Where to administer treatment Treatment

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