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Deep TMS Effective For OCD?

People who suffer from OCD may find that Deep TMS is effective for improving their OCD symptoms. Patients suffering for OCD can find it difficult to maintain a job or even a functioning lifestyle due to the fact that they “worry” about a given thing (such as washing their hands, locking their doors, etc.) to such as extent that they find it difficult to focus on their job, family, relationships or anything else. Many people suffering from OCD also suffer from depression as well making their lives frustrating and difficult and leave them begging for some type of medical and Psychological relief.

Medications Have Proven to Be Limited in their Effectiveness for Treating OCD

Obsessive–compulsive disorderUnfortunately, medications for OCD are not effective in treating every patient, and those that did experience some relief from their OCD symptoms only saw around a 25% improvement in their symptoms and the improvements they experienced seldom lasted more than a few weeks. In addition, patients who found one type of OCD medication failed often are more likely to have the next, and the next, and next type of medication fail as well leaving them without much hope of ever seeing an improvement in their OCD symptoms.

Electro Shock Therapy Also Shows Some Limited Results

When medication fails to improve the symptoms of OCD many turn to Electro shock therapy or ECT. This therapy is expensive and the potential for negative side effectives such as seizures can be quite high in some cases. Patients also find that after receiving the treatment they are pretty well unable to work or function at their normal level for the rest of the day. Leaving medical and Psychological professionals searching for a new treatment for OCD that may have more positive results.

Deep TMS Shows Great Promise

TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has show good results in treating depression with around 50% of all patients suffering from depression seeing long term and significant improvements. Now some professionals are using deep TMS for treating OCD. Deep TMS differs from regular TMS in that it penetrates deeper into the brain. Early show that in some cases patients who are treated for OCD using deep TMS show up to a 50% improvement in their OCD symptoms and those that experience a reduction in symptoms find that the improvement from these symptoms lasts longer than with shock therapy.

In addition, Deep TMS poses less risk and although patients need to have treatments several times a week for several weeks, they can leave the treatment and return to work or to go about their regular daily schedule with no recovery time needed.

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