Cure Depression Naturally Tips

The simple tips and tricks to Cure Depression Naturally include:

Cure Depression Naturally Tips & Videos1. Closing your eyes and meditating 2. Going to bed early 3. Going for a walk as the first action upon waking up the next day 4. Taking Omega 3 fish oils in numerous quantities and large sizes 5. Taking a gram or more of folic acid or similar folic vitamins in high daily doses as a dramatic antidepressant 6. Taking an antidepressant test or questionnaire 7. Using an NAC amino acid 8. Take B-12 in a half milligram and SAM-e.

Wait, friend. That’s not all. There are a few more things that you can try as Doctor McMullen suggests. Try the following as well:

• Lipitor in succession • Diet – vegan, no animal proteins, dairy, etc. • Ocean-caught fish – the only time of animal fish that may help you • Take plenty of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes and other similar natural greens through a Mediterranean diet that’s similar to a vegan diet as you avoid meats other than fish.

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