Though TMS is only FDA approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder, we have also obtained IRB approval to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Parkinson’s Disease.


What to Expect From TMS Therapy?

The Consultation:

Dr McMullen will meet with you and decide if TMS or Deep TMS may be right for you. Then you will be referred to one of our TMS specialists that are trained in conducting TMS therapy. The specialist will speak to you about the procedure.


Our TMS specialists will measure the location of treatment and determine the amount of electromagnetic impulse that will be most beneficial to you. It is done by placing the coil on your head and producing one magnetic pulse while watching for movements in the hand and fingers.

During treatment a coil will be placed on your head.  The TMS machine will be set to your specific treatment measurements. You will hear a clicking noise and feel tapping on your head.

In the first few treatments a minority of patients may feel a mild to moderate headache however that headache is usually mild and goes away fairly quickly.

Treatment lasts 20-40 minutes and are conducted daily.


While TMS does not work for everyone, it does work for the majority of people. Results are not instantaneous and it may take 2 or more weeks to begin to notice improvement. However, once improvement in your depression is noticed that improvement seems to intensify.

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