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Thyroid Hormone Treatment For Depression Depression Treatment - Thyroid Hormone Treatment For DepressionThanks for tuning in to my video.  I am a psychiatrist in New York City and I specialize in TMS treatment and psychopharmacology (the scientific study of the effects of drugs on the mind and behavior). My focus is on the physical interventions that are available to [...]

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About Persistent Depressive Disorder Treatment With Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD NYC Persistent Depressive Disorder Treatment That WorksThere are many people who have long suffered from Persistent Depressive Disorder and while some traditional treatments have been effective, there is a segment of those who haven't been able to recover or to have their disorder alleviated effectively. There is a newer treatment that has been approved by [...]

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Video About Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs & Helpful Psychiatric Medications Dangers and Side Effects of Psychiatric MedicationsPsychotic medicines have always been under the scanner because of the side effects linked to them. The old anti-psychotics have proven to be toxic to the brain in many instances. When a patient needs their brain to calm down, the anti-psychotics work almost against them as the brain [...]

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Acute Depression vs Chronic Depression Treatment Depression and Chronic Depression Treatment   Robert D. McMullen has been practicing psychopharmacology for over three decades and is also a TMS BrainCare specialist. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation was approved by the FDA in 2008. Dr. McMullen has been incorporating TMS into his practice since 2010. His office is located in NYC where he treats clients for acute [...]

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Lithium alzheimer’s prevention & Lithium for Depression | Low dosage Dosage Lithium for Alzheimer's Prevention & for DepressionRobert D. McMullen has been practicing psychopharmacology for over 30 years as a psychiatrist. He also specializes in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which uses magnetic pulses to alter brain activity in the prefrontal cortex and elevate the mood. TMS was approved by the FDA in 2008 and Dr. McMullen has [...]

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Typical Depression vs ATypical Depression General Types of Depression Typical Versus AtypicalNYC psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen has been practicing in the USA for more than three decades. He is a psychopharmacology specialist that also uses Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to help clients overcome depressed states of living. TMS has now been practiced in the USA for nearly a decade and many clients [...]

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Elderly Depression Treatment | NYC Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD Depression TreatmentRobert D. McMullen is a psychiatrist and specialist in treating depression. He is based out of New York City, where he also did his residency at Columbia University after graduating from Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington D.C. He has been practicing in the USA for more than 30 years. He has [...]

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Dysthymia Persistent Depressive Disorder PDD Treatment Robert D. Mullen received his undergraduate degree from Washington Lee University. Afterward, he attended medical school at Georgetown University. After completing his residency in psychiatry at Columbia University, he officially became a medical psychiatrist. In 2010, he added TMS BrainCare to his practice. Today, he practices psychopharmacology in New York City where he specializes in the [...]

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4 Major Treatments for Depression in 2018 – Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen – NYC – Depression Specialist – TMS BrainCare you depressed? Would you like to overcome those feelings?Well, there has never been a better time than 2018 to accomplish that goal; there are more effective treatments than ever before.Keep in mind that when we say “effective treatments,” we’re not talking about trendy, exotic treatments like ketamine injections, microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms, or supplementation [...]

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How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated?

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated?The course of therapy used by a psychiatrist will aim to bring the patient's moods back into the normal spectrum based upon its severity. The longer a patient waits to seek the help of a psychiatrist to test for manic-depressive disorder, the less they will [...]

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