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Advanced Parkinson’s treatment with TMS | HD Video   Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, TMS in Advanced Parkinson's disease Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive method of stimulating the brain. A coil of wire, insulated in plastic, is put on the head like a big spoon. Each TMS pulse then produces a magnetic field that stimulates the surface of the brain beneath the [...]

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How To Get Over Depression Using TMS 6 Min HD Video

Transcript How To Get Over Depression Using TMS Video ========================================================================   I’m Robert McMullen, I’m a Psychiatrist and I’m going to talk about how to get over depression using TMS (trans-cranial magnetic stimulation).  A little background; I went to Georgetown medical school and then I did my residency at Columbia Presbyterian hospital and then most of [...]

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There was a little article 12/1/2015 in NYT science section where a study showed that treating Depression with a light-box worked even in people who were not seasonal. The two main ways to treat winter depression are: #1: get a light box and sit 1 foot away from it every AM as soon as you [...]


INOSITOL is a sugar that is used as a messenger within the brain cells. [It is constituent of the intracellular phosphatidyl (PI)) secondary messenger system.] This sugar is found in some fruit that we eat. The body also makes inositol itself. When you take in large amounts of it, some of it goes into brain [...]

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Information on Inflamation

Increased inflammation significantly increases the risk of depression and cardiovascular disease [heart attacks and strokes]. CRP (C-reactive protein, a measure of inflammation in the body) is now an important measurement in both psychiatry and cardiology. . THINGS WHICH DECREASE INFLAMMATION include:  EXERCISE,  WEIGHT LOSS—especially losing intra-abdominal fat   DECREASE YOUR STRESS LEVEL—e.g., transcendental [...]

Could a vitamin make antidepressants work better?

• THE WALL STREET JOURNAL • HEALTH JOURNAL • JANUARY 3, 2012 Giving Antidepressants a Boost With a Vitamin Deplin, a Prescription Form of Folate, Is Increasingly Used for Patients With Resistant Cases of Depression • By MELINDA BECK  That's the tantalizing premise behind Deplin, a prescription form of the B-vitamin folate. Although it has [...]


Calciferol (“Vitamin D”) INFORMATION SHEET FOR DOCTORS Robert D. McMullen, MD 212 362 9635    Take Vitamin D 50K I.U. 4 pills every Rosh Chodesh; If you cannot remember if you took it, take it again. Toxicity is only if you take ≥ 30 pills per month for a few months. 50,000 I.U. pills are [...]

5NAC Summery and Abstract

  NAC (N acetyl cysteine)-also apparently lowers triglycerides but I don’t know the dose; NAC helps diabetes [adding taurine to NAC accentuates the benefit of NAC] NOTE: Michael Berk, MD did 2 studies with NAC. For depression it no doubt took 5 months to have dramatic benefit because over 90% is metabolized by the liver. [...]

Information on Fish oil

Omegavia—has only EPA in it –780mg/pill; 2-3 pills may be enough for depression—even 1 or 2. DHA has no antidepressant effect. Ordinary fish oil pills have both EPA than DHA. There is also another brand with only EPA. SOME TIME, PICK A WEEK, AND FOR THAT ONE WEEK INCREASE THE FISH OIL DRAMATICALLY TO 6 TO [...]

New Depression Treatment

People suffering from depression often feel a sense of overwhelming hopelessness as though life isn't worth living. They lose interest in their careers, their family and their friends. It is as if a dark cloud is hanging over their heads and weighing down their bodies and souls. For most people suffering from depression, medication and [...]

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