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INOSITOL is a sugar that is used as a messenger within the brain cells. [It is constituent of the intracellular phosphatidyl (PI)) secondary messenger system.] This sugar is found in some fruit that we eat. The body also makes inositol itself. When you take in large amounts of it, some of it goes into brain [...]

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Information on Inflamation

Increased inflammation significantly increases the risk of depression and cardiovascular disease [heart attacks and strokes]. CRP (C-reactive protein, a measure of inflammation in the body) is now an important measurement in both psychiatry and cardiology. . THINGS WHICH DECREASE INFLAMMATION include:  EXERCISE,  WEIGHT LOSS—especially losing intra-abdominal fat  DECREASE YOUR STRESS LEVEL—e.g., transcendental [...]

Could a vitamin make antidepressants work better?

• THE WALL STREET JOURNAL • HEALTH JOURNAL • JANUARY 3, 2012 Giving Antidepressants a Boost With a Vitamin Deplin, a Prescription Form of Folate, Is Increasingly Used for Patients With Resistant Cases of Depression • By MELINDA BECK That's the tantalizing premise behind Deplin, a prescription form of the B-vitamin folate. Although it has [...]


Calciferol (“Vitamin D”) INFORMATION SHEET FOR DOCTORS Robert D. McMullen, MD 212 362 9635   Take Vitamin D 50K I.U. 4 pills every Rosh Chodesh; If you cannot remember if you took it, take it again. Toxicity is only if you take ≥ 30 pills per month for a few months. 50,000 I.U. pills are [...]

5NAC Summery and Abstract

  NAC (N acetyl cysteine)-also apparently lowers triglycerides but I don’t know the dose; NAC helps diabetes [adding taurine to NAC accentuates the benefit of NAC] NOTE: Michael Berk, MD did 2 studies with NAC. For depression it no doubt took 5 months to have dramatic benefit because over 90% is metabolized by the liver. [...]

Information on Fish oil

  Omegavia—has only EPA in it –780mg/pill; 2-3 pills may be enough for depression—even 1 or 2. DHA has no antidepressant effect. Ordinary fish oil pills have both EPA than DHA. There is also another brand with only EPA. SOME TIME, PICK A WEEK, AND FOR THAT ONE WEEK INCREASE THE FISH OIL DRAMATICALLY TO [...]

Using L-methylfolate/5-MTHF / Deplin for depression

L-methylfolate is not a stronger form of folic acid.  L-methylfolate is the active vitamin.  It crosses the blood brain barrier more easily than any other form of folate.   Folic acid is not found in nature.  The vitamin companies make it because it is cheap and easily absorbed. It takes 5 steps to convert folic acid [...]

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TREATING BIPOLAR DEPRESSION:   updated 5/26/2016 Depression that occurs in someone who is bipolar is more complicated to treat than unipolar depression.    Optimal treatment often requires several medications—even 5 or 6 or more.  Rarely will one medication suffice.   Antidepressants should be avoided if at all possible:  they may initially help, but then the person is having [...]

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water retaining medication: Try this one first:  OTC (over the counter):  docusate/ Colace - sold generically as docusate sodium-- adult dose is 100 to 500mg per day; usually sold in 100mg gel capsules--usual dose is 2 a day--but it is very safe and a lot more can be taken.    It may take a few days [...]

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5 Stimulants for ADHD and depression, List & Instruct.doc

THERE ARE BASICALLY 5 MEDICATIONS FOR ADHD:    STRATTERA : similar to an antidepressant; you cannot skip weekends;  you have to build up the dose over a week or two.  It is the “mildest” of the medications, but it has a lower rate of being 100% effective.   It is not a controlled substance. --like an [...]

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