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Vitamin D Benefits For Mental Health by Robert D. McMullen, MD Psychiatrist

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is a steroid hormone.In this youtube video I discuss how Vitamin D plays a role in our mental health, general health (even cancer prevention) and the benefits it can have on one’s mental wellbeing and overall health to prevent diseases such as cancer and other autoimmune diseases. it a [...]

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If you are skeptical, google them.  Google Scholar is usually best. When I have time, I will add references.  The lithium and the vitamin D are probably more important than the multivitamin. VERY LOW DOSE LITHIUM ALMOST CERTAINLY REDUCES THE RISK OF ALZHEIMER’S-- and prevents cognitive decline. Even 5 mg once a week is probably of [...]

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If you are skeptical, google them.  Google Scholar is usually best. When I have time, I will add references. Very low dose lithium almost certainly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s-- and prevents cognitive decline. Even 5 mg once a week is probably of benefit, though I would advocate 5 mg per day or 150 mg once [...]

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MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONS ON VITAMIN D3 DOSE—this is a steroid hormone mistakenly named a “vitamin” in ~1922.  [Take heed:  Avoid vitamin D2, which is available by prescription only,  as 50,000 I.U. gel capsules, to be taken once a week. D2 is from plants, is less potent and has a shorter ½ life. It [...]

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Robert Post is one of the most prominent, as well as kind and generous, psychiatrists in the U.S.   He has been at NIMH for decades. ROBERT POST MD   [5/2017] SAYS LITHIUM IS GOOD “FOR EVERYTHING”; below IS FROM A SLIDE OF HIS REGARDING LITHIUM: Lithium prevents unipolar and bipolar depressions Increases hippocampal and cortical volume [...]

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Video About Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs & Helpful Psychiatric Medications Dangers and Side Effects of Psychiatric MedicationsPsychotic medicines have always been under the scanner because of the side effects linked to them. The old anti-psychotics have proven to be toxic to the brain in many instances. When a patient needs their brain to calm down, the anti-psychotics work almost against them as the brain [...]

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Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Are you also suffering from a depression that does not seem to react to anything? In recent years, Ketamine for Depression Treatment has become more and more common as a possible treatment for depression. Especially among those experiencing severe depression which is resistant to other means of therapy or medication. You may have heard of [...]

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Medications for Bipolar & Depression | HD video

Video Transcribe:  Medications  for Depression & Bipolar by Robert D. McMullen, MD I’m Robert Mc Mullan, I’m a psychiatrist.  I went to Georgetown Medical School, which was a wonderful place.And I did my residency at Columbia Presbyterian hospital in psychiatry, which is a great research institution.  I’ve been in practice for 36 years, and primarily with using [...]

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There was a little article 12/1/2015 in NYT science section where a study showed that treating Depression with a light-box worked even in people who were not seasonal. The two main ways to treat winter depression are: #1: get a light box and sit 1 foot away from it every AM as soon as you [...]

Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium?

THE idea of putting a mind-altering drug in the drinking water is the stuff of sci-fi, terrorist plots and totalitarian governments. Considering the outcry that occurred when putting fluoride in the water was first proposed, one can only imagine the furor that would ensue if such a thing were ever suggested. The debate, however, is [...]

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