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If you are skeptical, google them.  Google Scholar is usually best. When I have time, I will add references. Very low dose lithium almost certainly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s-- and prevents cognitive decline. Even 5 mg once a week is probably of benefit, though I would advocate 5 mg per day or 150 mg [...]

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MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONS ON VITAMIN D3 DOSE—this is a steroid hormone mistakenly named a “vitamin” in ~1922. [Take heed:  Avoid vitamin D2, which is available by prescription only,  as 50,000 I.U. gel capsules, to be taken once a week. D2 is from plants, is less potent and has a shorter ½ life. It was grandfathered in [...]

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Robert Post is one of the most prominent, as well as kind and generous, psychiatrists in the U.S.   He has been at NIMH for decades. ROBERT POST MD   [5/2017] SAYS LITHIUM IS GOOD “FOR EVERYTHING”; below IS FROM A SLIDE OF HIS REGARDING LITHIUM: Lithium prevents unipolar and bipolar depressions Increases hippocampal and cortical volume [...]

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Video About Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs & Helpful Psychiatric Medications

The Dangers and Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications Psychotic medicines have always been under the scanner because of the side effects linked to them. The old anti-psychotics have proven to be toxic to the brain in many instances. When a patient needs their brain to calm down, the anti-psychotics work almost against them [...]

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Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Are you also suffering from a depression that does not seem to react to anything? In recent years, Ketamine for Depression Treatment has become more and more common as a possible treatment for depression. Especially among those experiencing severe depression which is resistant to other means of therapy or medication. You may have heard of [...]

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Medications for Bipolar & Depression | HD video

Video Transcribe:  Medications  for Depression & Bipolar by Robert D. McMullen, MD   I’m Robert Mc Mullan, I’m a psychiatrist.  I went to Georgetown Medical School, which was a wonderful place. And I did my residency at Columbia Presbyterian hospital in psychiatry, which is a great research institution.  I’ve been in practice for 36 [...]

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There was a little article 12/1/2015 in NYT science section where a study showed that treating Depression with a light-box worked even in people who were not seasonal. The two main ways to treat winter depression are: #1: get a light box and sit 1 foot away from it every AM as soon as you [...]

Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium?

THE idea of putting a mind-altering drug in the drinking water is the stuff of sci-fi, terrorist plots and totalitarian governments. Considering the outcry that occurred when putting fluoride in the water was first proposed, one can only imagine the furor that would ensue if such a thing were ever suggested. The debate, however, is [...]

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INOSITOL is a sugar that is used as a messenger within the brain cells. [It is constituent of the intracellular phosphatidyl (PI)) secondary messenger system.] This sugar is found in some fruit that we eat. The body also makes inositol itself. When you take in large amounts of it, some of it goes into brain [...]

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Information on Inflamation

Increased inflammation significantly increases the risk of depression and cardiovascular disease [heart attacks and strokes]. CRP (C-reactive protein, a measure of inflammation in the body) is now an important measurement in both psychiatry and cardiology. . THINGS WHICH DECREASE INFLAMMATION include:  EXERCISE,  WEIGHT LOSS—especially losing intra-abdominal fat  DECREASE YOUR STRESS LEVEL—e.g., transcendental [...]

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