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How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated?

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated?The course of therapy used by a psychiatrist will aim to bring the patient's moods back into the normal spectrum based upon its severity. The longer a patient waits to seek the help of a psychiatrist to test for manic-depressive disorder, the less they will [...]

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How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Tested

In This 19-minute video New-York Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD Will answer: How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Tested   How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Tested? Accurately diagnosing a patient with bipolar disorder is very complex. Arriving at a definitive conclusion cannot be done by means [...]

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Pets & Depression Treatment

In This seven-minute video New-York Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD will answer this 2 questions:Do pets help for Depression Treatment?Which pet is the best for Depression Treatment? Pets & Depression TreatmentHumans are highly sociable beings and desire companionship. Living in an apartment or in a home alone can foster feelings of loneliness and sadness. Getting a pet [...]

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Do Psychiatrists Work with Psychologists or other Therapists?

Dr. Robert D. McMullen is a psychiatrist at TMS Brain Care in New York City, USA. He uses an array of treatments for his patients and often talks to other psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. As a psychiatrist, the doctor specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, [...]

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How to Talk to a Psychiatrist?

Our New York City Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD discusses:How to Talk to a Psychiatrist?What to Expect for Your First Visit with Your Psychiatrist Hello there! I’m Dr. Robert D. McMullen, and I have been treating patients as a psychiatrist for over 35 years. I [...]

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What does a psychiatrist do & Which conditions does a psychiatrist treat?

Our New York City Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD will speak in this video about:What kinds of conditions does a psychiatrist treat?What does a psychiatrist do? Welcome! I’m Dr. Robert D. McMullen, and I have been in practice as a psychiatrist for over 35 years. I attended Georgetown University for medical school and specialized [...]

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Can Medicinal Marijuana Treat Depression – Weed for depression and anxiety

Our MD Dr. Robert D. McMullen has been a practicing psychiatrist for over 35 years in New York City and has mainly concentrated on evaluations and treatment with medications and nutrients. He dives into the controversial topic of Marijuana, discussing whether or not it is considered treatment for depression. For more information on Medical [...]

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How can depression be prevented

For those who are struggling with depression, the symptoms are normally severe enough to cause problems that are noticeable in day-to-day activities like work, school, relationships with others and social activities. Some people may generally feel unhappy or miserable without understanding why. In the video below, doctor McMullen who is an expert psychiatrist dives [...]

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How Do i Find The Right Psychiatrist? Tricks & Tips

In this enlightening video, Robert D. McMullen, MD tackles a difficult question: How do I find an excellent psychiatrist?Filmed from his desk at TMS Brain Care in New York City, the psychiatrist addresses this topic with finesse. As with his other videos, he begins by stating his credentials. He then honestly tells the viewers it [...]

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