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Best books on treating bipolar depression

These are the two best books on treating bipolar depression that I have run across.  If anyone has others, let me know. The James Phelps book—2016-- concerns Atypical Depression/ bipolar spectrum/ Bipolar II Disorder. On Amazon The Robert Post book—2008-- is about quite a different problem:   Bipolar I Disorder—treatment resistant cycling and treatment resistant depression.  [...]

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How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated?

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated? The course of therapy used by a psychiatrist will aim to bring the patient's moods back into the normal spectrum based upon its severity. The longer a patient waits to seek the help of [...]

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How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Tested

In This 19-minute video New-York Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen, MD Will answer: How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Tested   How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Tested? Accurately diagnosing a patient with bipolar disorder is very complex. Arriving at a definitive conclusion cannot be done by means [...]

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Medications for Depression and Bipolar

There is a lot of hope for people sufferening from unipolar and bipolar depression and thankfully there are a lot of different medications that can be used in the treatment of depression. Medical experts find that bipolar depression is harder to treat than unipolar depression due to the fact that many medications can [...]

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TMS Treatment For Bipolar Disorder Depression Many Psychiatrists have discovered that TMS or Transcranical Magnetic Stimulation offers a high success rate for unipolar depression, with as many as 50% of the patients receiving for TMS treatments having found complete recovery from their depression symptoms. This is because the TMS pulse easily penetrates the skull at the targeted area of the [...]

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Medications for Bipolar & Depression | HD video

Video Transcribe:  Medications  for Depression & Bipolar by Robert D. McMullen, MD   I’m Robert Mc Mullan, I’m a psychiatrist.  I went to Georgetown Medical School, which was a wonderful place. And I did my residency at Columbia Presbyterian hospital in psychiatry, which is a great research institution.  I’ve been in practice for 36 [...]

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There was a little article 12/1/2015 in NYT science section where a study showed that treating Depression with a light-box worked even in people who were not seasonal. The two main ways to treat winter depression are: #1: get a light box and sit 1 foot away from it every AM as soon as you [...]

Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium?

THE idea of putting a mind-altering drug in the drinking water is the stuff of sci-fi, terrorist plots and totalitarian governments. Considering the outcry that occurred when putting fluoride in the water was first proposed, one can only imagine the furor that would ensue if such a thing were ever suggested. The debate, however, is [...]

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INOSITOL is a sugar that is used as a messenger within the brain cells. [It is constituent of the intracellular phosphatidyl (PI)) secondary messenger system.] This sugar is found in some fruit that we eat. The body also makes inositol itself. When you take in large amounts of it, some of it goes into brain [...]

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Could a vitamin make antidepressants work better?

• THE WALL STREET JOURNAL • HEALTH JOURNAL • JANUARY 3, 2012 Giving Antidepressants a Boost With a Vitamin Deplin, a Prescription Form of Folate, Is Increasingly Used for Patients With Resistant Cases of Depression • By MELINDA BECK That's the tantalizing premise behind Deplin, a prescription form of the B-vitamin folate. Although it has [...]

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