How can you cure depression naturally either by yourself, with a psychiatrist or with TMS in NY?
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Depression therapy treatment solutions exist that many are not even aware of: natural practices that may help you, when properly done at home, so that you don’t need to see a psychiatrist. These treatments are not a guarantee. Getting sunlight’s natural Vitamin D: This one is especially beneficial for those who sit outside in the sun before 11 a.m. for 45 minutes a day in a swim suit so that the full body soaks it in as much natural Vitamin D as possible. If you notice yourself having uncontrollable suicidal thoughts and tendencies to act upon them, then—by all means—get help right away.

The best news is this: You’re not limited to any one solution alone; you may try them all until you find the best fit. There is no “one size fits all” solution here. The point is simple: First try the simple and natural, DIY solution to determine how serious your condition is and if you’ll need to see a psychiatrist. If the answer becomes yes with indisputable certainty, a solid observation formed by you and by others near you who love and support you, then do not delay to get professional help and attempt to heal yourself via the second recommended method: seeing a psychiatrist. If these first two options still do not result, then add TMS to the mix, and allow for the best of all worlds to play into your overall therapy treatment plan.

The electrical power and innovation behind TMS have allowed us, humans, to do much more inside of the human brain cells than we can even imagine possible or do for ourselves alone. It’s a great tool and a unique method for reaching those areas more difficult to reach. Patient persistence with TMS, medicines or pharmaceutical antidepressants — in healthy, supervised combination with your own observations, natural exercises, and psychiatrist visits — will finally work wonders over time. Just be patient. Anything is possible for those who believe. Many have gone before you and overcome depression, so you can too. Dr. McMullen believes in you, and so must you.

If the items in the previously mentioned lists do not work, then you definitely need to see a psychiatrist as the problem could be another. Perhaps the problem is behavioral and requires a different treatment route. You may have lost your job, a friend, your self-esteem or something else. It’s always helpful to go to the source and to likewise get an outside opinion.

In regards to using several antidepressants, if the medicines that you use still prove ineffective, then you may try shock treatment. Not many people are open to the idea as some note problems of memory loss and intense pain. You may also try TMS, which is similar but offers fewer relapses and less overall brain blockage.
TMS is also the method of choice by many a psychiatrist for its potent removal of suicidal thoughts though the process does not show results overnight; patience and persistence are the magic words here that may change your life forever. Ultimately, if the all of the initial options prove unsuccessful, then you may resort to medicine or TMS as the final possibilities of treatment with no guarantees.

Cure Depression Naturally Tips:

The simple tips and tricks include:

1. Closing your eyes and meditating
2. Going to bed early
3. Going for a walk as the first action upon waking up the next day
4. Taking Omega 3 fish oils in numerous quantities and large sizes
5. Taking a gram or more of folic acid or similar folic vitamins in high daily doses as a dramatic antidepressant
6. Taking an antidepressant test or questionnaire
7. Using an NAC amino acid
8. Take B-12 in a half milligram and SAM-e.

Wait, friend. That’s not all. There are a few more things that you can try as Doctor McMullen suggests. Try the following as well:

• Lipitor in succession
• Diet – vegan, no animal proteins, dairy, etc.
• Ocean-caught fish – the only time of animal fish that may help you
• Take plenty of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes and other similar natural greens through a Mediterranean diet that’s similar to a vegan diet as you avoid meats other than fish.

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The human mind is indeed blessed now more than ever. We as humans may now study it in full depth as we never could so far in history. We may discover our inner thoughts, brain patterns, stressors and much more with a simple visit to a clinic. It is indeed a good time to be alive.

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