TMS therapy was developed in an effort to combat ineffective depression medication and continues to serve as a pioneer in the industry. Patients who suffer from hard-to-treat depression are therefore some of the best candidates for TMS therapy, as they are most likely to notice short- and long-term benefits.

When antidepressants fail to work for several years, there’s a strong case to make that the next antidepressant won’t be the lucky charm. It may work better than the last one, but if the others couldn’t achieve a state of normal, then why should we think the next ones will? As our offices report a 50 percent success rate, TMS therapy provides, at worst, a coin toss of a treatment option. At best, it can bring you back to feeling normal and back in your own body. Our own Dr. McMullen recommends that patients who recognize themselves in this description to schedule a consultation to learn more about TMS therapy and whether or not they’d be a suitable candidate.