As with all kinds of medical treatments, it is important to note that all patients are unique with individual differences that can alter the parameters of the treatment course. With that in mind, it is common for most patients to average about 30 treatments over the course of a month and a half; usually, the treatment involves a session every weekday, five times a week, for six weeks.

In our office’s experience, patients who undergo 30 TMS therapy treatment sessions will have about the same beneficial effect as someone who has undergone 10 electroconvulsive therapy treatments, but without having to deal with invasive procedures that run the risk of damaging brain tissue. In addition, it is common for ECT patients to relapse down the line and require the 10 treatments all over again. While TMS therapy isn’t a one-off permanent solution, it allows patients to go on for much longer periods of normalcy before experiencing depression again. Not only that, but we find patients who relapse after TMS do not need a full 30 sessions when they return.