TMS therapy is delivered as a low-intensity procedure that lightly penetrates the skull and brain but without using invasive measures to alter the structure of the brain. It is designed to require little of the patient, both in time and healing energy. Having said that, TMS therapy would only be uncomfortable at higher intensities due to the tension of the scalp muscles. We take every precaution to begin our pulses at the lowest possible intensity while increasing it as necessary depending on how the brain responds to the magnetic pulses.

If the patient feels uncomfortable with the feeling of the pulses, we will dial back the intensity and consider increasing it down the road after the patient becomes more accommodated to the pressure. Headaches are the most common side effect, but these are usually temporarily reported, noting that the headaches seem to stop after the first week of treatment.

Some patients have experienced discomfort even at the lower levels of intensity. When this occurs, we either switch machines or attempt to use the other side of the scalp instead.