No. TMS therapy is a mild outpatient course of treatment that involves very few tools to accompany the high level of necessary skill to achieve. Undergoing TMS therapy includes receiving a prescribed number of pulses of varying strength to key areas on the head, jolting the brain and exciting or depressing synapses as needed to work more efficiently than before — or as healthy synapses should, as the case may be.

As a mild treatment, TMS therapy only affects about 3 centimeters deep into the brain. When stronger pulses are prescribed, even the deeper course of treatment will only reach about 7 centimeters into the brain. Although we require multiple pulses across multiple points on the head, each pulse lasts just a fraction of a second and offers very little discomfort, if any. Because the procedure is not invasive and doesn’t require any hospitalization, most patients should be able to resume normal activities immediately.