At our office, Dr. McMullen takes charge in determining the necessary course of action regarding TMS therapy sessions and who may qualify as a candidate. In general, the TMS practitioner prepares all the variables in the treatment, including:

  • Whether or not the patient is a suitable candidate for TMS Therapy
  • Where to administer treatment
  • Treatment parameters
  • The number of sessions the patient will need to undergo for successful treatment
  • Number of pulses

Although the primary physician must be the one to make the final call on treatment variables, which involve more than the above, we employ technicians who are specially trained to carry out the actual procedure according to strict guidelines. We establish a precise step-by-step guide for our technicians to follow every single time they administer the treatment, regardless of the patient. This process includes:

  1. Placing the cap on the patient before treatment
  2. Marking the points where magnetic stimulation will be applied
  3. Working with the physician to adjust treatments over time