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Vitamin D Benefits For Mental Health by Robert D. McMullen, MD Psychiatrist

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is a steroid hormone.   In this youtube video I discuss how Vitamin D plays a role in our mental health, general health (even cancer prevention) and the benefits it can have on one’s mental wellbeing and overall health to prevent diseases such as cancer and other autoimmune diseases. [...]

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First Time Depression Treatment | Video by Robert D. McMullen, MD Psychiatrist In this youtube video, I discuss how to tackle depression and what treatments are needed for your first time treating depression. The cause of the depression one is suffering from depends on several factors. Was it an event-related experience that caused the depression? In that case, psychotherapy can work well and have long term [...]

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive method of treating depression that uses repetitively pulsed magnetic fields to generate an electrical current in a targeted region of the brain.   The magnet energy extends only 2 to 3 cm into the brain in an area of about the size of 50 cent piece. It penetrates farther, [...]

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NON-MEDICATION INTERVENTIONS FOR DEPRESSION:             Act as if you are not depressed.  Do the things that you would do if you were not depressed.  I am aware this takes a lot of effort.             Try to turn off repetitive negative thoughts, negative scenarios, and/or negative memories. It is easier to stop these than you think.  [...]

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NON-MEDICATION METHODS SO IMPROVE SLEEP: Take a hot bath (or shower) prior to going to bed. A warm bath may work as well as a sleeping medication.  [The brain literally cools down when we fall asleep and stays cooled down for the first part of the night.   The reason the warm bath works is apparently [...]

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Options/ recommendations/ thoughts re TRD (treatment resistant depression)

Options/ recommendations/ thoughts re TRD (treatment-resistant depression), especially concerning atypical and bipolar spectrum depression.     --Robert D. McMullen, MD   7/28/2019          THE BIPOLAR SPECTRUM:   atypical depression and Bipolar II Disorder and their treatment.   Atypical Depression often ends up as TRD, sometimes because of the very things used to treat it: serotonin medications.  What is discussed below [...]

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Bottom line on dose of lithium for Alzheimer’s prophylaxis:

Lithium 1mg per day or 5mg once a week are no doubt enough to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. I believe lithium 5mg daily – or ~150mg once a week – is probably better.  [Lithium orotate 5mg, 20mg, 120mg, and 130mg pills are inexpensive on Amazon.] Lithium 150 mg per day is advisable for anyone [...]

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FISH OIL FOR DEPRESSION.  (This information sheet is somewhat disorganized and redundant because I have added it and altered it over the years).  (The best source of EPA is fish oil  The other excellent source is eating the brain. Animals have the amount of EPA and DHA  that we should have.   In contrast to us, [...]

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NUTRACEUTICALS for depression 8/12/2019, Robert D. McMullen, MD

Over the years I have occasionally had good success for depression with fish oil, NAC, inositol, L-methylfolate, very low dose lithium (150mg). I have not used a probiotic long enough to have seen obvious success. In a discussion on CUPP, others had a similar experience with inositol as I have had, finding it unimpressive.  However, [...]

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Robert Post is one of the most prominent, as well as kind and generous, psychiatrists in the U.S.   He has been at NIMH for decades. ROBERT POST MD   [5/2017] SAYS LITHIUM IS GOOD “FOR EVERYTHING”; BELOW IS FROM A SLIDE HE MADE REGARDING LITHIUM: Lithium prevents unipolar and bipolar depressions Increases hippocampal and cortical volume [...]

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