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NON-MEDICATION INTERVENTIONS FOR DEPRESSION:             Act as if you are not depressed.  Do the things that you would do if you were not depressed.  I am aware this takes a lot of effort.             Try [...]

Options/ recommendations/ thoughts re TRD (treatment resistant depression)

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Options/ recommendations/ thoughts re TRD (treatment-resistant depression), especially concerning atypical and bipolar spectrum depression.     --Robert D. McMullen, MD   7/28/2019          THE BIPOLAR SPECTRUM:   atypical depression and Bipolar II Disorder and their treatment.   Atypical Depression often [...]

Bottom line on dose of lithium for Alzheimer’s prophylaxis:

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Lithium 1mg per day or 5mg once a week are no doubt enough to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. I believe lithium 5mg daily – or ~150mg once a week – is probably better.  [Lithium [...]

NUTRACEUTICALS for depression 8/12/2019, Robert D. McMullen, MD

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Over the years I have occasionally had good success for depression with fish oil, NAC, inositol, L-methylfolate, very low dose lithium (150mg). I have not used a probiotic long enough to have seen obvious success. [...]