In this informative video, I will discuss the major treatment options for depression in 2019.

2019 Depression Treatments What Works?

Robert D. McMullen, MD Psychiatrist

In this informative video, I will discuss the major treatment options for depression in 2019.


Make Friends. Humans are social creatures and friendships have a major impact on creating a happier life.  Being around other people is imperative for one’s mental health.  We are not meant to be living in small apartments only witches lived alone in the past.  Be sure to push yourself to make friends.  A lifestyle of living and working together makes life more valuable.  It is important to be surrounded by others.

Get moving.  Exercise is essential in combating depression. I recommend five hours per week for an antidepressant effect. It should be vigorous exercise.  However, if you are not able to fit in 5 hours of vigorous exercise then walk at least for two hours a day.  My grandparents were always cleaning cooking and cleaning. They were actively working all the time (exercising).  Hence leading happier and healthier lives.

Psychotherapy treatments for depression.  Cognitive therapy is very beneficial to change negative behavior and thought. It is a type of psychotherapy where negative thoughts about the self are reframed in order to change unwanted behavior patterns or negative thoughts causing depression.  For example, if a person did not get accepted into a sporting team and the feelings of discouragement and unhappiness overwhelm the person; they can be taught to reframe the mind and turn it into positive ideas.  They can be encouraged to push themselves more,  practice more and get motivated so they can become a better player.  Humans always prosecute themselves but they need to start defending themselves.  The key is to reframe things! So begin to reframe your mind.


Before any medical treatment begins, I start off with a lab test on the individuals seeking treatment from their depression (email me if you’d like to receive the list).

Thyroid TSH levels.  If levels are too high 4 – 5 – 6 then I add T3 and T4 hormones to resolve their depression.  These hormones have been proved to have efficient antidepressants effects on individuals.  Check out my video on youtube titled “New Depression Treatment – Thyroid Hormone Treatment For Depression” for a detailed explanation.  The best predictor for NOT responding to antidepressant therapy are those with TSH levels of about 2.5.

Testing for cholesterol and triglycerides.  For those who have cholesterol; I will subscribe statins to help with the depression.  Lipitor is a good example (80 milligrams should be sufficient).

Checking for Inflammation (CRP).  If you have high levels of inflammation, I recommend more exercise, eating fish and taking vitamin D.  I also recommend probiotics which can be very helpful.

B12 Levels.  If levels are low it is because it is not absorbed well enough by the body.  Levels need to be about 500.

Iron levels in the bloodstream.  It is important to maintain a healthy level of Irons because low levels can cause depression. Menstruating women may suffer from this more than other people suffering from depression.


  1. Fish oil because it is anti-inflammatory effects.
  2. Amino acids because they produce antioxidants that clean up the poison in the body and in the brain.
  3. Sugar found in fruit functions as a transmitter to the neurons into brain cells and they can improve the mood.
  4. Changing bacteria in the GI tract with probiotics to improve depression. Probiotics that are registered in the pharmacy is the best kind (because it is alive). Take it daily and keep it in the refrigerator at home.
  5. Eating yogurt can help as well
  6. Fermented fruit is a great way to combat depression


Oversleeping and rejection sensitivity manifests itself when a friend gets angry with you thereby ruining your whole day or when a romantic disappoint causes you to sleep for 2 weeks and not get out of bed because you are feeling depressed. When your moods significantly react to external events it is related to Bipolar II disorder (which are capable of mild highs).  Serotonin medication like Prozac will cause people with atypical depression to be too edgy and anxious. For those patients who don’t respond well to antidepressants, we recommend TMS.

TMS is another method used for combatting depression.  TMS is a noninvasive form of brain stimulation treatment using a coil on the head that stimulates or inhibits neurons in different sections of the head.  Patients who have not found an effective medical treatment form their ongoing depression with traditional therapies, such as antidepressant medications or psychotherapy consider TMS as an alternative option.  You only need multiple sessions to see improvement and the majority of patients experience significant relief within several weeks beginning their treatment.  TMS is effective and it enables the brain to cure itself. The networks of the brain help correct themselves. It has been approved by the FDA over ten years already and it is a very safe treatment.

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