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Some issues are not only about the disease of the patient, they are more complicated and bring external factors that affect the psychology of the patient (stress, family pressure, work, ...) we always understand that.
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 TMS Brain Care NY offers the most advanced and up-to-date, evidence-based treatment approaches tailored to suit your needs. Our facilities host a range of cutting-edge technologies, including transcranial magnetic stimulation

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Our team of medical professionals and internationally acclaimed experts have more than a century of combined experience treating a range of mental health conditions, including addiction, anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD. 

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We believe everyone should be able to access wellness treatment and support. We offer a range of payment and financing plans to our patients. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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Many who suffer from depression are disappointed that anti-depressants, supplements, and vitamins, as well as reputable types of talk therapy fail to bring relief from depression. Scientists and physicians have been persistent in their search for an alternative treatment for depression. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a revolutionary treatment that offers relief to a large proportion of patients.
The staff [Shlomit, Christine, Alice and Donna] at TMS BrainCare, under the direction of Robert D. McMullen, MD, offer two forms of TMS:
#1: standard rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) with a Magpro X100 machine from Magventure. This is one of the most advanced models and is commonly used in TMS research at Duke, Columbia, and Harvard.
#2: dTMS (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) with a Brainsway TMS machine. This is the most advanced form of TMS. It is designed to penetrate deeper into the brain.


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Although TMS is offered at several locations within New York City, the vast knowledge and experience of Dr. Robert McMullen and his staff at TMS BrainCare is unparalleled. Our belief in TMS therapy can be seen in our dedication and attentiveness to each patient.
By offering two forms of TMS, we are able to provide each patient with the treatment they need. With over 6 years of experience and 200+ patients, we have helped more than 50% of these patients reach complete remission.
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When is TMS Used?

TMS is used when advised by your psychiatrist and usually after more traditional forms of treatments have failed and/or could not be tolerated.
Before treating your depression with TMS your psychiatrist, Dr. McMullen and the TMS Braincare team will discuss with you the possible benefits of treatment and explain to you what you may experience. The final decision of whether or not you try this treatment is entirely up to you.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to treating each individual with respect and with the committed concern they deserve. We will attentively answer all of your questions regarding TMS therapy, explain all the benefits and the number of treatments required so that you can make your decision knowing you are fully informed.

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Popular Question

Is TMS therapy FDA approved?

Yes, TMS therapy was approved by the FDA for trials and treatment back in 2008. TMS therapy had proven and continues to prove itself as an effective treatment for patients suffering from a number of disorders. Although our technicians specialize in treating patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression, we have also used TMS therapy to treat patients with all kinds of disorders, including, but not limited to:

Can I stop using anti-depression drugs if I do TMS therapy?

We have very few patients who have decided to stop taking their regular medication following TMS therapy, although we know of patients who have done so. It is entirely possible to stop taking any kind of antidepressants after TMS therapy, but maintenance sessions would essentially be a guarantee.

Can I also take antidepressants if I am receiving TMS therapy?

Yes. If you are already taking a course of antidepressants that are already working to some degree, even if they alone are not bringing the brain to normal, it is a good idea to keep taking them even while undergoing TMS therapy.

Is TMS therapy uncomfortable?

TMS therapy is delivered as a low-intensity procedure that lightly penetrates the skull and brain but without using invasive measures to alter the structure of the brain. It is designed to require little of the patient, both in time and healing energy. Having said that, TMS therapy would only be uncomfortable at higher intensities due to the tension of the scalp muscles. We take every precaution to begin our pulses at the lowest possible intensity while increasing it as necessary depending on how the brain responds to the magnetic pulses.

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